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Silver Care Holding


With over 6.000 employees in 2015, Silver Care Holding was one of Germany’s biggest private operators of senior citizen residences. My task was to create a unique branding for 13 individual companies that have been acquired by the Silver Care Holding.

40 residences from Schleswig to Stuttgart have had their own individual personalities. While respecting those the challenge was to unite the partly competing entrepreneurs. I developed a concept that aims at individualism. The new coporate identity needed to become a mission statement for all leaders and employees to identify as being an integral part of a community fulfilling an honorable task to our society: The support of older generations and treating them, too, as individuals.

How to design for making
competitors become a team?

Discovering individuality as a strong identifier to the leads of the newly acquired companies and uplifting it to one of the brand’s core values – on which a new corporate design could be built on – made me think of tackling an artistic approach to the project. I did some research on the topic until digging deeper into the idea behind expressionism. Back in the days this art genre has been a way for artists to express themselves very individually. Instead of visualizing in the most realistic ways, expressionists wanted to capture their very own certain moment by the concept of abstracting common motives from nature (sunsets, mountains, forests etc.) or portraits. Big names like Edvard Munch, Vincent van Gogh, Paul Klee or Wassily Kandinsky established this era and it still finds many followers today.

St. Germain bei Tunis (landeinwaerts) — Paul Klee, 1914

St. Germain bei Tunis (landeinwärts)
Paul Klee, 1914

Dame in grüner Jacke — August Macke, 1913

Dame in grüner Jacke
August Macke, 1913

Schlucht — August Macke, 1914

August Macke, 1914

Selbstportrait mit Zigarette — Edvard Munch, 1895

Selbstportrait mit Zigarette
Edvard Munch, 1895


White square
a room – integration – a safe place
a window – looking into the distance – the future
picture-frame – passe-partout – culture – art

Expressionistic landscape
individualism – nature, youth – sunset,
evening of life enjoying the moment

Silver Care Holding - Corporate Design, Brand Development - Ingmar Koglin
Silver Care Holding - Corporate Design, Brand Development - Ingmar Koglin

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