Mercedes Range Rover Interior Design, Dashboard
Mercedes Range Rover Interior Design, Front View
Automotive Photography - Studio Set Design

Product photography for a luxury car tuner, by Ingmar Koglin (for Ν in 2015


Portrait of musician, drummer, composer and instrumentalist Ulf Jacobs (, by Ingmar Koglin in 2011,
under supervision of my mentor Olaf Heine (Wikipedia

Ferrero tictac - Consumer Product Photography by Ingmar Koglin

Consumer products studio photography for Ferrero Deutschland GmbH

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RhetoricProduct design, brand development of Rhetoric – The Public Speaking Game for coaches, leaders and speakers‑to‑be

Mampe BerlinProduct redesign for an 1835 liquor brand and its come‑back

GoodwordsDigital product design, UX/UI of a B2B SaaS platform for HR professionals, recruiters, headhunters

Design Award with IBM iX + ai4medicineCreative direction, UX/UI design for an iOS app innovating Stroke Prevention Strategies in Healthcare

ZalandoCorporate design, UX/UI, Management consulting for stock market launch (IPO)

Silver Care HoldingCorporate identity, Rebranding for 13 companies been aquired in the market of care retirement homes (private equity)

wärmeTypeface, type design, typography, lettering

Ingmar Koglin

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