Goodwords is a revolutionary Software-as-a-Service that empowers HR professionals and executives to quickly and easily conduct smart candidate reference-checks with the goal of minimizing bad hires and finding best candidate-job fit.

By replacing traditional reference calls Goodwords ultimately helps optimize the decision-making in hiring employees. I was engaged to develop an intuitive user interface design for the data-driven, cloud-based platform as well as to build a brand around the innovative product.


Reference dashboard revealing all relevant information on the candidates

Finding the right candidate for a job is a complex and challenging task. Since personal suggestions play a big role in peoples’ decision-making, HR professionals ensure hiring the right people by referencing them via others. The so-called reference call – traditionally done via telephone – turned out to be very expensive and couldn’t really solve the problem of subjectiveness and reading between the lines.

Goodwords enhances the application process by digitalizing the process of referencing candidates. It takes care of various methodic, branch-specific and psychological key learnings. By making all relevant information on your candidates objectively transparent and comparable, the digital HR tool lets your decision on the right candidate be a safe bet.


Statistical evaluation of all gathered information on
the candidates and their reference providers

The logo and dynamic key visual represent a candidate within the application process. The bigger his or her bouquet, the more matching he or she will be for the recruiter’s job profile. Each of the rose diagram’s five segments visualizes a summary of specific chapters within the reference process such as tasks fulfillment, observed strengths or the forecasted talent development. I developed this kind of interactive, data-driven infographic to provide a living branding element, as well as to give the users an very fast impression on the candidates’ strengths and weaknesses.


The dynamic keyvisual in the shape of a bouquet
representing the candidates’ job-fit within the application process


Interview situation: Insights on the candidate’s application
easily accessible at the interviewer’s fingertips


Goodwords stationary kept clear and informative
to provide relevance to HR people in a daily state of sensory overload

Goodwords provides head hunters, recruiters and HR executives with a set of questions on all relevant candidate information to be answered by their referees. The 360° feedback provides fairness and transparency right from the beginning of the future business relation.


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